An end to the draughts at Stockholm Public Library

2016-11-24 08:00

Tyréns is given responsibility for HVAC project planning as Stockholm Public Library undergoes redevelopment

Tyréns has been commissioned to handle the project planning for HVAC installations as the City of Stockholm renovates and develops the Public Library. The project involves preparing system documents whereby Tyréns is responsible for all HVAC project planning including sprinklers and controllers. The library which was designed by architect Gunnar Asplund was completed in 1928, and is today called the Asplund building. The building is categorised as “blue” and therefore the restoration and modernisation work is being undertaken with great respect shown for cultural and historical values.

Tyréns’ HVAC department has recently initiated a partnership with the City of Stockholm regarding the restoration and modernisation of Stockholm Public Library. The building is categorised as blue by Stockholm City Museum which sets stringent requirements to ensure that the work retains the antiquarian values and aesthetics of the building.

“Working on buildings of this kind means, for example, that you can not drill holes in walls, façades or floor structures”, Jan Berglund, HVAC Project Manager at Tyréns explains. All installations should also be made to appear as invisible as possible. A major challenge is to prevent cold draughts around the entrances and the large rotunda as well as counteracting the high radon levels. This requires creativity to ensure that the buildings are equipped to be sustainable in terms of both aesthetics and the environment.

The library was designed by architect Gunnar Asplund and opened its doors in March 1928. Today the library uses the main building along with an annex designed by architect Paul Hedqvist. The buildings can accommodate some 400,000 books and have an area of 11,900 sq m. The main building and the bazaars that are included in the property at Spelbomskan 16 will now be developed and restored. Tyréns’ work includes the renovation of all HVAC installations. This means replacing all the air conditioning and plumbing installations, including sprinklers and controllers. The reconstruction of the library is expected to be completed in 2020.

“It is naturally an honour for me to work on a building that is such an integral part of Stockholm and its history,” says Jan Berglund. We have previously completed assignments on several blue categorised buildings, including the Town Hall, Stallmästaregården, and the Hamburgerbryggeriet brewery. We are adept at meeting both aesthetic and technical requirements, and our HVAC consultants work closely with the City of Stockholm, architects, curators and others involved in the assignment. This is the best way of retaining the typical Asplund identity of the building but at the same time preparing for the future.

The Asplund building was Europe’s and arguably the world's most modern and accessible library at its inauguration in 1928. The building is categorised as “blue”, as defined by Stockholm City Museum’s classification for the preservation of notable buildings. To maintain its high cultural and architectural values, the City, in collaboration with the County Board, has developed a care programme for the main building, terrace, bazaar buildings and park.

Project planning is in progress. The decision on project implementation will take place preliminarily at the City of Stockholm Council in autumn 2017. The assignment involves the development of the main building and bazaars that are part of the Spelbomskan 16 property.



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