About Tyréns

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This year's Christmas gift is a contribution to SOS Children's Villages, The Children's Rainforest and WASSUP.

SOS – Children’s Villages
SOS – Children’s Villages International is the largest organisation in the world that takes care of abandoned and orphaned children and provides them with a home, a family and an education. Since its start-up in 1949, the organisation has built several villages that they still maintain in 132 countries.

The Children’s Rainforest
The Children’s Rainforest is a non-profit organisation that is working to save tropical forests and the threatened areas that surround them. Tyréns has purchased about 6 727 ft² of rainforest in northern Costa Rica. The forest abuts the borders of the Santa Rosa National Park, which has been listed as a Universal Heritage.

WASSUP (Water Sanitation Support) is a stand-alone non-profit association founded by Tyréns’ employees and any Tyréns employee may join – even former employees. The purpose behind the association is to support projects that provide clean drinking water, an improved groundwater situation and functional ecological sanitation facilities using funds donated by Tyréns’ employees.