About Tyréns

Tomorrow’s solutions today

Tyréns is one of Sweden’s leading community development consultancies. Together with our customers and partners, we create sustainable solutions in the fields of urban development and infrastructure. We have 3, 000 employees across our operations in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Estonia and Lithuania.

Tyréns is owned by a private foundation and this makes it possible to commit ourselves to research and development within the urban and rural development sector. We are driven by a thirst for knowledge and work closely with universities and other research institutes.

WE HAVE A THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE and are always keen to learn more about new technology and solutions and our customer’s needs. Curiosity is one of our core driving forces and a catalyst for development – both for us and for you as our customer.

WE ARE OPEN to your needs. Communication, dialogue, openness and a long-term approach are the foundation on which we build a strong business relationship.

WE FIND NEW SOLUTIONS using new tools, processes and know-how. Our skills are growth-oriented and help us to identify the best solution to your problems.

WE TAKE A HOLISTIC APPROACH based on a fully integrated way of working. Open doors and cooperation across our different specialisms enable us to offer you the right mix of skills and expertise in each project.

WE FIND OPPORTUNITIES that meet environmental imperatives without sacrificing cost-effectiveness and functionality. In our projects we always weigh in the social and economic dimensions.

WE ARE A LEADER in our field. Our engineers and key personnel are leading the way in changing processes and products en route to a more sustainable society.

Good Tomorrow(pdf)