About Tyréns

Our values

Our values define our corporate culture, what we believe in and what we think is important. Our values act as guiding principles in our everyday lives and permeate our work for better communities.

Openness and transparency generate trust, both internally and with respect to customers, partners and stakeholders. By being open and listening to the world around us, we build firm foundations for new partnerships and solutions. Our openness is always mutually beneficial; it is never at the expense of anyone else's integrity.

Tyréns has a thirst for knowledge. Research and development are our lifeblood. Our employees have the capacity and opportunity to strive for innovative solutions through curiosity and creativity. We achieve success by daring to try.

Our success stands and falls by our desire and capacity to interact, through us actively offering solutions when challenged to do so by our customers. Good interaction is just as important internally as it is externally. Respect and attentiveness, goodwill and enjoyment form fertile ground for building good relationships and security, and thereby the ability to create added value for our customers and the world around us.