About Tyréns

Quality and Environment

As technological consultants in the urban and rural development sector, Tyréns will supply products and services in response to the demands of the employer and their expectations. Furthermore, Tyréns will contribute to a sustainable community and work to prevent and limit pollution and other negative effects on the environment.

The goals of our business is evaluated and revised annually. Competence and ongoing education of our employees are essential. All of our business transactions are conducted according to current laws and regulations.

Tyréns environmental routines
Tyréns climate inventory is based on The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, an international standard for accounting and reporting emissions of GHG.

We have established routines to ensure that we contribute to a sustainable development of our communities through our choices of material and technological solutions.

We have a certified integrated management system that deals with quality and environmental issues. In all our business transactions, whether it be internal business or a commission, we work with quality and environmental issues systematically. For further information or if you wish to send us your opinions, please e-mail us at verksamhetssystemet@tyrens.se.