About Tyréns


Limiting the environmental burden from our constantly expanding urban areas is a tough challenge. Tyréns' experts work across disciplines to include all aspects of sustainability already at the planning stage of a new town quarter, a bypass or a stretch of rail.

Urbanisation is a strong trend that has been happening for a long time. Now, smart solutions are needed to meet city dwellers' needs with the minimum possible environmental impact. Tyréns' cutting edge expertise in the fields of urban development means we can secure sustainable solutions already at an early stage.

By means of interaction models, citizen dialogue as well as quantitative and qualitative surveys, we create gravity and certainty in decision documentation and action plans. Our analyses present future scenarios, with measurable factors, which make it easier to take strategic decisions that create sustainable values.

Tyréns is at the leading edge when it comes to sustainable planning, sustainable urban planning, sustainable buildings and sustainable transport. To carry out our projects efficiently, with the right quality, modern IT is used, such as city models, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and GIT (Geographical Information Technology).