About Tyréns

Swedish Management

Cecilia Granath

MD Sweden

Born 1973. Employed 2001.

Background: Regional Manager East at Tyréns AB

Daniel Wallström

Regional Manager North

Born 1968. Employed 2007.

Background: Department Head Grontmij AB, Skanska, PEAB

Christian Lindfors

Regional Manager South

Born 1971. Employed 2006.

Background: Regional Head of Tyréns Temaplan South, Project and Process Development Manager for the NCC group

Andreas Behm Fredin

Regional Manager East

Born 1978. Employed 2009.

Background: Head of Tyréns Departments for Installation and Real estate and Construction

Magnus Holmberg

Regional Manager Centre

Born 1972. Employed 2014.

Background: CEO and previously Head of Production and Consulting Manager, Svenska Mätcenter

Christer Abrahamsson

Regional Manager West

Born 1972. Employed 2016.

Background: MD of the Department of City Planning for Gothenburg and previous for Mölndals stad, Project Manager at GF konsult

Sandra Plavinskis

Head of Communications

Born 1969. Employed 2015.

Background: Communications Manager Peab AB, Head of Public Relations Svenska Bostäder AB

Lena Carlström

Head of Human Resources

Born 1965. Employed 1993.

Background: HR Manager Tyréns Infrakonsult AB

Hans Mattsson

Finance Director

Born 1977. Employed 2015.

Background: Finance Director IP & BPS CGI, Global Business controller Polygon and Munters

Helena Karlsson

Head of Corporate Development

Born 1973. Employed 2001.

Head of Tyréns departments for Environment and Project Management.