Research and Development

As qualified consultants in the urban and rural planning sector, our ambition is to always be able to offer our clients good technological and environmentally adapted solutions. We are the ones with the responsibility to find the solutions that can both work with the environment and still be cost-efficient and functional.

This ideal permeates our entire organisation, taking the shape of focus areas such as advanced constructions, more efficient building processes, renewal and maintenance and the environment and general health. We are also refining what we already know and we use our experience more efficiently with the help of an intensive development in our field of expertise.

We have concentrated most of our effort into research and development in these areas while our trust has doubled its grant from 10 million SEK to 20 million SEK. Along with research grants from other financial backers we now have a substantial budget for research and development. Our ownership structure gives us the advantage that allows us to focus on developing ourselves, gain more experience and develop our competence even when times are hard. In order to be able to face the changes happening in the market right now, we need to keep a holistic perspective and in which contexts our clients are operating in mind. Our working methods and models have to become even more transparent.