Tyréns advises on building projects of all shapes and sizes across multiple uses. We offer comprehensive solutions for all project sizes – from micro to macro and new construction to redevelopment. We are also a leader in building information modelling.

We offer clients comprehensive solutions for all types of construction project. As project manager, we assume full responsibility for implementation and our structural engineers analyse and design the bearing structures.

Tyréns’ comprehensive solutions give clients complete access to our expertise in energy, damp and building care, acoustics, 3D design and virtual construction. We take collaboration for granted and see it as essential to our ability to offer high quality and profitability to clients.

Thanks to innovative cooperation, we are constantly developing and improving our tried and tested approach in organising and running projects. Underpinning our track record is our experience since 1942 of design management, construction management, installation coordination, inspection and control.

We possess cutting-edge expertise in the advanced use of concrete, steel and wood, and offer qualified services in advanced light construction technology and brickwork. Noise exposure is growing across society and our acousticians play an increasingly important role in finding smart solutions to noise pollution.

We are a leader in building information modelling (BIM) and our consultants can fill a range of different roles. We also undertake ambitious, self-financed R&D projects and count adjunct professors, PhDs and industrial postgraduates among our staff.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about the advantages of working with Tyréns.