Effective infrastructure is the lifeblood of a healthy society and integral to social development. For most of us, infrastructure is an indispensable part of everyday life – whether on the road, in the air, at sea or on our local street.

The link between energy and environmental issues is more relevant now than ever. We need to consider not only what materials we use, but also in what quantity. Through smart product development, Tyréns helps clients reduce their environmental footprint and raise quality and profitability in their construction projects

We have drafted numerous environmental impact assessments for road and rail projects. EIAs are generally required several times during a project and focus on issues such as noise, groundwater or management of excess soil. Once the EIA process is complete, many clients ask us to help them with environmental issues at the implementation stage too.

Tyréns is deeply committed to wellbeing and we are currently funding a postgraduate project on health in infrastructure project EIAs, examining whether new planning areas lead to increased equality or segregation.

Let us help you create sustainable solutions.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about the advantages of working with Tyréns.