5 October 2021

H22 City Expo - Tyréns supports Ikea in exploring the role of the home

Home is not just inside the walls - it is also part of the identity of a sustainable society. During the H22 City Expo in Helsingborg, Ikea will be exploring the home's wider role based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Tyréns supports these efforts with its broad expertise in sustainable urban development.

“Ikea has never done anything like this before. Tyréns’ expertise is therefore an essential support that helps us realise our ideas, put them in context and reality, and develop customised solutions. That we also have similar values in terms of social sustainability and innovation makes us a very good match”, says Anna-Carin Alderin, project manager at Ikea.

Visitors will be able to see the homes of the future from different perspectives in three different places in Helsingborg during the H22 City Expo in the summer of 2022. Ikea invites businesses, organisations and citizens to contribute to the design of a healthier and more sustainable life in Helsingborg.

Drottninghög is where Ikea is building for the future — an investment that will continue to develop and continue living long after the H22 City Expo.

“The concept at Drottninghög is called DM (Do More), which is about people being allowed to do more of what they dream of. It’s about creating meetings between people and creating jobs for old and new entrepreneurs who want to be involved in creating along the entire production chain. An essential aspect is that we’re not doing this for the residents but with the residents”, says Anna-Carin Alderin, Ikea.

Image: "DM - eat" will sell food directly from their own cultivation, idea image Ikea.

DM will offer everything from urban cultivation of organic vegetables, sold as they are or as ready-made dishes in markets, to pop-up shops, food outlets, local companies, cafés and bakeries in Drottninghög.

“This is a very exciting and unique project that contains so many important social aspects. I think it is great that Tyréns has been entrusted to support Ikea in the development of Drottninghög. Here, we can help make the right choices, contribute with our breadth of skills and experience of project managing contract work”, says Jenny Icosti Pålsson, project coordinator, Tyréns.

DM will exist from morning to evening and into the future. Meetings between people are in focus and the opportunity to create together through cultivation, cooking, events, shopping, activities, etc. Under the DM brand, there will be flexible opportunities for entrepreneurs and local companies to operate at Drottninghög for a day, a weekend or until retirement.

About H22
H22 is Helsingborg's major investment in welfare to develop the smart and sustainable city of tomorrow. H22 consists of two parts, one of which is a city-wide journey towards innovation. The second part, City Expo, focuses on everything that has been achieved up to 2022. The long-term investment will continue during and after City Expo. The Expo will last May 30 to July 3, 2022 and the world's leading visionaries, dreamers and entrepreneurs will be invited to attend. Tyréns and Ikea are both partners in H22.

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