26 October 2021

How digital solutions benefit wooden buildings

There is no doubt that wood will be playing an increasing role in future construction. Thanks to new digital solutions, buildings can also be planned and designed in entirely new ways in future. Tyréns’ digitalisation expert, Per Bjälnes, explains the concepts of how the progress of digitalisation can benefit the construction of wooden buildings.

“Development is advancing at a furious pace and we’re already at a level today where buildings can communicate with users, provide guidance and adapt to the users' behaviour. In a couple of years, we will already be seeing buildings that are self-learning and use historical data and machine learning to improve their operation and management”, says Per Bjälnes.  

Data is seen as “the new gold” by many building specialists and will radically change decision-making, not least when it comes to material selection. With new digital solutions, it is possible to design buildings in entirely new ways, where data from previous buildings can be used as the right starting point for planning. In the industry, the term digital twins is used.

“For example, we’ll be able to obtain data on variations in the wood, such as moisture content, stretching and durability. But that’s not all, with new technology, you can also see what impact people or other events have on the material. It’s possible to follow the construction in real time and we see how the building feels here and now. We also get an indication of how people who are housed in the building appreciate wood or not at a certain place”, says Per Bjälnes.

Another aspect is that the digitised buildings of the new generation give materials a longer life expectancy. This simply means that the wood can last longer. Even the properties of wood for sustainable construction can be highlighted more clearly. 

“Once we can set different alternatives against each other in a digital system, it will be easier to determine the best solution from an environmental point of view. Digitisation will then help to increase the value of wood and wood products”, says Per Bjälnes.