6 July 2020

Infrastructure that improves while the rest of us are free

Tyréns has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to carry out maintenance work on the 50-year-old Älvsborg bridge over the Göta Älv River in Gothenburg. The six-lane suspension bridge today needs a lot of necessary maintenance work to maintain its standard and function, and to reduce the risk of closure for emergency repairs.

Älvsborgsbron is one of Gothenburg's busiest routes, with both vehicle, pedestrian and cycle lanes. Some 70,000 vehicles cross the six-lane suspension bridge daily. In order not to affect traffic too much, it has been decided to renovate two lanes at a time for three months in the summer. This means repair work 24/7, seven days a week, all summer long.

It will be very fast paced with many resources in place. The bridge is approximately 900 meters long and the 400 meter long middle part of the bridge is to be divided in 57 places to replace the joints that have been subjected to salt from the river.

We will take two lanes at a time and the pedestrian and cycle track towards Gothenburg and remove all of the surface along the entire bridge length. At the same time, we will replace and complete more than 450 drains in the bridge superstructure and add new waterproofing and asphalt to the entire surface. “We have at our disposal water-cutting robots and a lot of construction workers who will work in three shifts," says Daniel Johansson, Tyrén's construction manager for the project.

Tyréns is also responsible for inspecting that the drains are completely removed and re-cast, as well as for inspection, coordination and for the construction of a temporary ramp up on the bridge.

“We will be here more or less all summer. Then we will compile all the documentation on the parts for inspection and the final documentation in late summer and autumn,” concludes Daniel Johansson.

The planned life span of the bridge is 100 years, and for it to last that long, extensive renovation work is being carried out on the bridge over three years. This stage is the fourth in order. Last year, the same procedure was done on the west side.

Schedule: February 2019 - November 2021
Developer: Swedish Transport Administration Maintenance Region West
Entrepreneur: DAB Group AB
Cost: Approximately SEK 420 m
Construction Manager and Head of Project at Tyréns: Daniel Johansson and Bengt Spolander