12 October 2021

Lena Franzén Lindfors is employed at Tyréns as Head of Business Automation and IT

Tyréns is increasing the pace of its digital transformation, in step with the increasing development that strongly affects its surroundings. Lena Franzén Lindfors has now been taken on as Head of Business Automation and IT.

Lena Franzén Lindfors has extensive experience in IT systems and digital transformation, and most recently came from a role as head of digitisation at Rikshem. Here at Tyréns, she will be part of the Swedish management team and responsible for accelerating the digital transformation. She will lead an IT organisation designed to expand the digital business and increase the speed of development but, above all, be the driving force behind digital transformation in close collaboration with IT and the business, creating value for both the company and customers.

“Our customers and our business have a common goal: sustainable societies. To achieve this, there are demands for services and streamlining requiring digital transformation. We are now preparing for the future and I look forward to continuing this journey together with Lena, where her competence and experience reinforces Tyréns”, says Cecilia Granath, CEO of Tyréns Sweden.

“I am impressed by Tyréns’ thinking concerning digital transformation and look forward to contributing to continued development. Ultimately, it’s being able to work smarter, achieve even higher quality and increase the ability to be successful in our assignments”, says Lena Franzén Lindfors.

Lena Franzén Lindfors took up her new role on the 1st of October.