27 January 2021

New park with industrial theme in Norrköping

The district around the Gamlebro bridge in the Swedish city of Norrköping is a unique industrial landscape of architectural and experiential value. The city’s municipal authority will be creating a new park in the Kroken neighbourhood next to the Motala ström river. Tyréns has designed the park, part of Järnbrogatan and drafted a proposal for a bridge parallel to Gamlebro.

Welcome to an exciting quarter composed of beautiful buildings and intricate spaces looking out over the water. The industrial buildings that once stood on the site next to Gamlebro have long since been demolished. All that is left now are the remains of walls and other features. The site has a dramatic topography, with a height difference of almost eight metres down to Motala ström river, which has been one of the key influences when Tyréns designed the new park. A core focus has also been to create a oneness between the park and new buildings.

“We have designed a multifaceted space with variation in the content and character, like a miniature industrial landscape; large disparities in height, different directions and proximity to the water. The park is a dense and robust environment made of brick, concrete and steel, combined with flowering trees, perennials and bridges and outdoor furniture in wood. It’s an exciting urban environment that invites everyone to come and enjoy the views, relax, be active, play games,” says Ulrica Heidesjö, landscape architect at Tyréns.

The outlet to the power station tunnel that runs parallel to Motala ström river is below the surface of the water here and splits the site into two parts, one on either side of the tunnel outlet. The proposed bridge will link the new park with Strömparken and the path along the eastern side of the river.

The park consists of two parts, a terraced park and a jetty section. The terraced park which leads down to the water's edge is made up of different levels, divided into spaces each with their own character and offering different features and experiences. A system of steps with seating, play areas and flowerbeds exploits the differences in height in the park. Jetties and sun terraces located by the water connect with the park and bridge.

The jetty section continues all the way along the water's edge right through the park. In the northern part, it widens into timber decking with steps up to the park. Seating and benches are incorporated into the decking and step design.

“Thanks to excellent teamwork that has drawn on Tyréns’ different areas of expertise, we have managed to overcome the challenges posed by the site and create a dynamic park that we are proud of. The fact that the park is right outside Tyréns’ office in Norrköping means that we’ll also be among the many people enjoying what it has to offer,” says Simon Skoglund, Project Manager at Tyréns.

Tyréns has contributed skills and expertise to the project in the areas of project management, landscape architecture, bridges, construction, lighting, streets, traffic, accessibility, water and sanitation, the environment and visualisation.