Tyréns is helping SL assess the status of the track and identify problems before they occur

2017-05-09 00:00

Signing an agreement regarding “Quiet Track Monitoring System”

Tyréns has signed an agreement with Stockholm County Council's Traffic Administration for an installation of Tyréns' new “Quiet Track Monitoring System” in the underground. The solution provides the status of the entire rail facilities in real time, regarding both the maintenance requirements and how much noise is caused. For example, Quiet Track can tell if a problem is threatening and, in this way, it can help SL to prevent accidents and stoppages.

The Quiet Track Monitoring System is Tyréns' new track monitoring system. The solution consists of microphones and other equipment that measure and analyse the condition of the track. The system started as a R&D project financed by the Sven Tyréns' Foundation and also as an EU project, led by Martin Höjer of Tyréns.

The solution is based on IoT technology (Internet of Things) and will be built jointly with IBM on IBM's Watson IoT platform.

The agreement between Tyréns and the Traffic Administration was signed on 24 March and the idea is now for the system to be installed on seven of SL's trains on the underground. In this way, SL will obtain continuous information about the status of all tracks on which the underground trains run.

“It is extremely gratifying to see how a R&D project, with which we worked in the Tyréns Foundation, has now found a concrete application in the community,” Dag Måhlstrand, Business Manager at Tyréns, says. Quiet Track is helping to create a better tomorrow for all residents in the community.

Tyréns' Quiet Track solution is unique since it does not just examine the track's own quality but also investigates the noise that arises when the train runs on the track. The solution is also based on IoT technology, where the solution's microphones and sensors send information about the track digitally to a centrally located server where the data is analysed to provide SL with proposals for measures that need to be taken. The solution measures at a greater resolution than other available solutions for inspecting the quality of the track.

“This is a concrete example of the way we are using digitalisation tools at Tyréns in order to develop solutions for a 'smarter' city,” Dag Måhlstrand says. In this process, the collaboration with IBM has been extremely valuable, having the opportunity to work with a partner that has muscles and great competence in the IoT field inspires confidence.


Learn more about Quiet Track - watch our video >>



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