29 November 2018

Tyréns wants to dress Karlastaden in layer on layer

Karlastaden Utveckling has invited Tyréns' landscape architects to a parallel assignment to develop the urban environment in Karlastaden. To meet all the requirements and wishes that are placed on a modern and dense city, Tyréns proposes building the external environment layer on layer.

"Our proposal, "Layer on Layer", is built up from four main layers, covering vegetation and water, local climate, change and interaction. Together, the layers provide the conditions necessary for both magnificent meeting places and stillness as well as the pulsating rhythm of the city and greenery, says Maria Karlsson, Contract Manager at Tyréns."

The assignment includes the design and layout of attractive streets, city blocks and market place environments for all of Karlastaden. In the Tyréns proposal, the landscape architects have combined creativity, sustainability and functionality with adaptation to, among other things, some rather tricky weather conditions.

"Thanks to Tyréns Bioclimatic Tool, we have been able to map the wind and shade for the location. These are the very conditions that it is important to consider in an area with high buildings that provide a lot of shade and powerful winds, Maria Karlsson says."

The emerging Karlastaden is located on Lindholmen, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here, the concept of a densified, mixed urban area, with around 2000 apartments – tenant-owner apartments, tenancies, offices, shops, restaurants, health centre and school – is under construction. At the centre of the district, towers the 245 metre high Karlatornet, as visible proof of how the district is being built both vertically and horizontally.

"The district will expand step-by-step for many years to come, and it is expected that the final phase will be complete in 2026. For this reason, we have sketched out interactive and playful environments that can change over time in step with the area's expansion and development, Maria Karlsson says."