12 November 2019

Tyréns boosting innovation and R&D with new Head of Innovation

Tyréns, has recruited Dag Måhlstrand for the new role, Head of Innovation. Dag will coordinate Tyréns' innovation work and help to ensure that the company's research and innovation will benefit society. Dag has solid experience of the urban planning sector and is moving from the role of business manager at Tyréns.

Dag has been employed by Tyréns since 2003 and, in recent years, has been business manager for construction in region east. Dag has also managed the foundation-financed Research and Innovation project "R&D and Innovation", where Tyréns and researchers from Lund University have collaborated to find new methods for stimulating, initiating and commercialising innovations.

"We have an extensive Research and Innovation operation at Tyréns, and it is something we should be proud of and derive greater advantage from. Every year, our owners in the Sven Tyréns Foundation earmark more than SEK 20 million – which is supplemented by approximately SEK 10 million from external R&D financiers – to research and development. The innovation programme is a result of just one such investment that we covert into a benefit for the business and the industry," Birgitta Olofsson, CTO at Tyréns, says.

"Tyréns has a strong culture of development and will become the industry best at innovation". 

Dag Måhlstrand, Head of Innovation.

"The fact that Tyréns is appointing a Head of Innovation shows that the company is serious about being the best at innovation in the industry. We have a strong development and innovation culture, which means the opportunities for me in my new role are incredibly favourable and I am looking forward very much to developing these activities," Dag Måhlstrand says.

Dag took up his new position at Tyréns on 1 September.