1 July 2021

Tyréns is general consultant for the rebuild of South Quay in Umeå harbour

Extensive rebuilding and expansion are being carried out in Umeå harbour to meet the future with increased flow of both goods and passengers. Tyréns has been entrusted to be the general consultant for design regarding the rebuild of South Quay with Ro-Ro ramp.

The port of Umeå is one of the larger ports in northern Scandinavia and has been designated as a Comprehensive Port in the EU's Ten-T system. It is a strategic logistics node, open all year round, with regular services to Finland and the continent. The expansion of South Quay, including Ro-Ro ramps, is an essential part of the development of the Umeå port area.

“This is really good! It’s a challenging but fun assignment”, says Patrik Kjellgren, business manager at Tyréns. Technically advanced solutions are required to bring it all together on the South Quay. At Tyréns, we have both knowledge and long experience in many other large port assignments. Like Slussen in Stockholm and the port of Tallinn, which will get a facelift with the help of one of the world's best architectural firms.

On site in Umeå Harbour

During an introductory meeting, CEO Mikael Isaksson talks about Umeå Harbour, from left Eric Carlsson Tyrens; Mikael Isaksson, Umeå Harbour; Dan Svensson, ELU; Kim Andersson-Berlin, Profund and Maria Nordin, Umeå Harbour.

“The region is expansive and the port of Umeå is definitely part of this. We have a central role in the logistics chain. In the future, Umeå will be an even more important node in the region where traffic via sea, rail and road meet. Increased freight volumes require greater port capacity as well as efficient and flexible logistics for loading, unloading, repackaging, warehousing and transport. We wish to create a modern, functional and sustainable port for both employees and customers”, says Mikael Isaksson, CEO of Umeå Hamn AB.

The assignment as general consultant shall result in a tender document and completed construction documents for a construction contract. The project is technically advanced. Tyréns has their own technical expertise for the entire assignment and collaborates with ELU, who specialise in quay construction. The South Quay will be constructed as a sheet-piling quay or alternatively a retaining wall quay. The first thing to be done is a feasibility study that results in a proposal for the type of quay, its function and the disposition of its activities.

To be able to meet the growth and greater ship tonnage, an upgrade of the quays' standard and bearing capacity as well as the depth in the harbour is required. This is to meet Swedish Transport Agency requirements and PIANC recommendations. Dredging, for example, is needed in the channel within the port area. The South Quay must not only be efficient and functional, but it must also be welcoming from both land and sea.

“It’s a complex project with challenges in areas such as geotechnics, soil management, sewage, automation and control, and logistics solutions. The South Quay is an important part of the port's total infrastructure and activities. The work covers many areas of technology and we have a really astute team at Tyréns. In close collaboration with Umeå Hamn AB, we shall provide the basis of a robust and sustainable facility with technical solutions that are well-thought-out both in terms of buildability and future operation and maintenance”, says Patrik Kjellgren.

The assignment involves Tyréns contributing with skills in, among other things, geotechnics, ground, quay, design management, installation, BAS-p, safety and protection, contaminated ground, architect, electricity, environment, traffic, control, field geo, water supply and sewerage/mechanical exhaust ventilation, lighting and railway.