1 October 2020

Tyréns is helping creating Sweden’s first climate-neutral office building

Construction of Sweden’s first climate-neutral office building in Örebro is now underway. Tyréns has contributed its expertise in wood modelling for the building, which will be constructed entirely of wood and certified in accordance with Sweden Green Building Council’s new certification, NollCO2. The building’s tenants will be the Swedish Police and it will thus likely become the world’s first climate-neutral police station too.

This unique office building, created by Utopia Arkitekter (architects), and Castellum (real estate company), will be constructed entirely of wood. The building will be certified in accordance with Sweden Green Building Council’s new certification, NollCO2. It puts very high requirements on the choice of materials, energy consumption and other environmental factors. The goal is for this to be a zero-carbon building, which means net-zero carbon emissions during its lifetime. 

Climate neutrality of the project will be achieved primarily via the timber carcass, which, compared to steel and concrete, yields approximately 40 percent lower emissions. Solar panels will be installed on the roof to supply the building with electricity and heat.  


The curved design of the building has made it possible to fit the building on its rather small plot and seamlessly integrate it with the surroundings, which include the railroad tracks, roads and existing buildings.

“The task of modelling the timber carcass involved a variety of challenges and many special adaptations. We worked together with our client, Martinsons Byggsystem to arrive at solutions for constructing the building entirely of wood, interior and exterior alike,” says Daniel Axelsson, Project Manager at Tyréns.

Many of the interior walls are cross-laminated timber panels, which is just one variation of how wooden materials were used in the building’s design. It is also reflected in the stairs between each floor. They have also been constructed entirely of wood, which is unique for this type of building.

All of the wood material has been locally produced, sourced from the spruce forests of Västerbotten County. Because of that, the project’s climate impact from transports has also been minimized.

Piling and ground reinforcement work has now gotten underway at the site. The building is expected to be completed and ready for the Swedish Police, Region Bergslagen, to move in during spring 2022. When that happens, it will likely also become the world’s first climate-neutral police station!

Tyréns’ contribution
Tyréns was responsible for modelling of the timber carcass, along with planning and delivery of the construction documents for the building’s two basement floors in concrete. In those underground spaces, there will be electrical installations, a fan room and a parking garage.

Timber carcass modelling
Client: Martinsons Byggsystem
Architects: Utopia Arkitekter
Real estate company: Castellum
Construction company: NA-bygg.

Concrete basement, two floors
Client: NA-bygg.