8 October 2020

Tyréns is reshaping the outdoor environment at the Maritime Museum and Aquarium in Gothenburg

The museum first opened its doors to the public in 1933. By creating a new, magnificent underground aquarium, a new entrance and by renovating the grounds, the museum will become a more open venue and exciting destination. Tyréns is responsible for the design and project planning of the outdoor environment, which encompasses the landscaping, sewage & plumbing and grounds design.

Gamla Varvsparken, the park and grounds situated next to the museum, is a popular destination for both visitors to the museum and residents of the area. Tyréns will be redesigning and updating both the park and grounds at the museum.

“Gamla Varvsparken will become the beautiful, stately museum park that it deserves to be. Its natural, undulating shapes and soft design elements contrast well with the more austere design of the museum itself, making it a very inviting spot for those who visit the museum and live in the area. I hope that it will become an even more popular destination that generates benefits to the museum, Majorna, and everyone who lives here or visits,” says Elin Framme, Lanscaping Architect at Tyréns.

The park is divided into two zones, which are the entrance area and the park itself. The new entrance will consist of a walkway from Karl Johansgatan up to the museum. There will also be an inviting square with landscaping, benches and a public work of art.

The eastern side of the park will be more open and green, with informal places to sit, like sitwalls, ledges & steps. Magnificent trees will be planted around the museum, complementing the beautiful elm trees that have already adorned the park for decades.

Renovation of the museum will involve moving the aquarium into a new, modern underground space with total area of 1,100 square meters. The volume of the new aquarium will be ten times that of its current size and it will include such features as a live coral reef.

“Building a new underground aquarium is something quite special. We’ve designed it such that the park is situated on top of the tie beams for the aquarium. It has been a technically challenging task, requiring a wide range of talents and expertise. We found solutions for all of the necessary functions by working with well-designed superstructures and raised plantings,” says Elin Framme.

Higab’s renovation and extension of the Maritime Museum and Aquarium started in January and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The museum will open again in 2022.