3 May 2021

Tyréns is the designer and architect of a new bandy hall in Bollnäs

A new bandy arena is to be built on the site of the former “Bro 4:4” rail yard in the Swedish town of Bollnäs at a cost of more than 100 million kronor. The arena will host games in the elite series and have a spectator capacity of 3,500. Tyréns has been appointed as the lead designer and architect by Hent and brings its skills and expertise in the areas of acoustics, moisture, energy and geotechnical engineering to the project.

“A great many local people have been looking forward to its construction for 15 years or so. The vision of an arena will soon be turned into reality and we are delighted that Tyréns has been entrusted with contributing a host of skills to a project that is receiving considerable attention locally,” says Per Hagengran, Project Manager at Tyréns.

The arena will be built on a former rail yard and industrial site in Bollnäs. The new bandy arena is a key element in developing this area and connecting it with central Bollnäs. 

Remediation of the contaminated land is currently under way along with further investigations and demolition of some of the existing buildings.

“There are plenty of technical challenges. For example, the contaminated land and high groundwater levels, the proximity to the railway and the development and construction work alongside existing buildings. We also need to be very conscious of the cultural and historical importance of this area,” says Per Hagengran.

Existing buildings are primarily made of brick with some wooden features, and the architecture of the bandy arena will reflect this.

“Bollnäs is my hometown and it is very nostalgic to be preserving the character of the charming old brick buildings in the area. The arena will be built in brick to blend well with the surrounding buildings and environment,” says Anders Ekström, senior architect at Tyréns.

Construction is due to commence this summer and the arena is expected to be ready for the 2022/2023 season. It will be the home arena of Bollnäs GIF bandy club but will also be available for use by the general public and schools.