DesignCampus. Nowadays the University of Umeå is known for its high quality design education, an education that has been given in buildings separate from the main campus situated in the city centre. The syllabus has now been expanded further and they have introduced a new architectural program that focuses on design. Because of this the DesignCampus is being extended in order to accommodate the increased requirements for space

Phase two of the planning of DesignCampus in Umeå has gone ahead and involves our areas construction, acoustics and fire safety. A 40-metre-high museum - Bildmuseet - and a brand new Art College have been added to the DesignCampus. Bildmuseet has a technically complex steel and prefabricated concrete building framework where the structural stability in particular posed a challenge. The Art College is being developed based on the building that previously housed the architecture program. Here we have also designed the buildings framework so that it can simultaneously carry both intake and exhaust air channeling horizontally and vertically. We now continue with phase three which contains the construction of a more commercial office building with similar principles regarding framework construction, framework ventilation and advanced glass and wood facades.

Danish Henning Larsen Architects and White Architects are the architects hired for this particular commission.

Client:Balticgruppen Design AB