Fast-build production of new apartment complex

Tyréns has been working on a successful fast-build residential project in Gråbo, highlighting a construction process that took only six months from start of work to occupancy. A newly built apartment complex is ready and waiting with 26 new rental apartments, ranging from one-room to four-room units, with appropriate levels of rent.

Tyréns acted as architect and designed both the building and the landscape to high specifications of sustainability, efficient use of available space and social considerations.

The site's potential and conditions have been utilised to the full, and very careful consideration was given to the siting of the complex. The inner courtyard enclosed by the building acts as an important venue for communal living and lively interaction.

Client: AVAB, Lerum Municipality's housing company
Construction costs/construction year: Around SEK 50 million (approximately SEK 23,000 per square metre) 2019.

“Simple building technology, sensible materials and a fast building process are the keys to success.”