ICON Complex

Construction design of a glass roof. For the spectacular construction of the ICON Complex in Oslo, Norway, Skandinaviska Glassystem asked Tyréns to design the roof.

Skandinaviska Glassystem is the general contractor responsible for constructing the roof and the company is one of the leading providers of glass facades and roofs in Europe with headquarters in Gothenburg.

The projects architect is the world renowned Renzo Piano from Italy. This construction consists of arched, laminated wood-beams that will rest on steel pillars and concrete walls. A dense roof will be placed on top of the laminated wood-beams and a steel construction that will support the weight if the glass will be placed about 23 inches above it, covering it completely.

The building will be used in several ways, for office space and the home of a centre for adventures for example, but its main resident will be the Astrup-Fearnly museum of modern art. 

Client: Skandianviska Glassystem