MAX IV - Laboratory for research excellence

MAX IV Laboratory is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists with the most brilliant X-rays for research. Tyrén's mission included structural engineering, geotechnical and geophysical surveys and acoustics.

MAX IV is a synchrotron radiation facility currently under construction in north-eastern Lund. Synchrotron light can be used to study the structure of materials. MAX IV will allow us to uncover new knowledge and make discoveries within many fields of research, for example, in materials science, medicine and environmental studies. MAX IV is a unique construction.

MAX IV consists in principle of a circular tube containing a vacuum. Electrons circulate in the tube at velocities approaching that of light. The electrons produce high-energy light. When the radiation then strikes an object it is scattered, or particles are emitted, providing researchers with information about the material impacted. The facility is used, for example, to study the surface of semiconductors or the structure of protein molecules.

The research concerns unbelievably minute particles, down at the nano level. This places high demands on the building, which must not vibrate by more than ten or so nanometres to prevent disruption to the equipment. Building the facility so the equipment moves this little, with the E22 motorway close by, many vibration inducing installations and transports to and from the centre, as well as maintaining a uniform temperature and moisture level in the building, is a major challenge. The ground and foundations, like the building, will be designed to reduce the vibrations.

Environmental aspects and energy consumption are being reviewed to ensure as little impact as possible on the surroundings.


Client: Lunds Universitet / Fastighets AB ML 4 / Peab