Multi-storey car park on Pottholmen

Tyréns has produced a sketched plan for the façade lighting on a multi-storey car park on Pottholmen in Karlskrona. The proposal has been drawn up in collaboration with Alton Öhman arkitekter AB. The proposal is based on the town's long historical association with marine activities and the rope-making process.

In Karlskrona, northern Europe's longest wooden building, Repslagarbanan (Ropewalk), can be found, which is one of the town's world heritage sites. The design of the façade relates to the rope-making process with its twisting movement reflected in wires that are stretched from the facade's top to its bottom section. This movement is reinforced by the light that slowly billows diagonally across the facade.

“The facade's design relates to rope-making process's twisting movement.”