Stenungsund Arena

Stenungsund Arena contains new, modern, swimming baths including a restaurant and bowling alley, as well as an ice stadium with a seating capacity for 1000 people.

The former Sundahallen in Stenungsund started its transformation six years ago, when Tyréns was commissioned by the municipality to investigate the expansion of the sports centre. In the new centre, the activities have been enlarged by an ice stadium, the previous bowling alley has been renovated and the existing swimming baths have been replaced by new, modern baths with high daylight openings. The areas for a gym and wellness facilities will be completed soon.

In the assignment, Tyréns had the responsibility for visual design, planning, project management and control responsibilities for the arena. The assignment has been ongoing since 2012. The new ice stadium was completed in 2016 and the new swimming baths were completed summer 2018. During 2019, the old swimming baths will be converted into premises for a gym and wellness.

Client: Stenungsund Municipality

Tyréns had the responsibility for visual design, planning and project management.