The Nationalmuseum

Tyréns' listed building specialists have helped the National Property Board of Sweden transform the 150-year-old Nationalmuseum into a building that is sustainable over the long term.

The aim was to ensure the Nationalmuseum (Sweden's national gallery) would be a building that is sustainable over the long term and capable of ongoing managerial development so as to cater for a wider public, the collections it houses and its staff. Indoor climate and security optimisations were required if the gallery was to be able to exhibit valuable artworks acquired on loan. The gallery was closed in 2013 in order to carry out the largest and most thorough renovation it had seen since its inauguration.

Tyréns provided listed buildings expertise to assist in the planning and design of the upgrade and renovation, as well as the production of construction documents. The assignment comprised investigations into the historical background of the building and expert reports in conjunction with the planning of renovations and upgrades. As part of the assignment, Tyréns also provided advice on listed buildings matters to architects, designers and other technical specialists. Tyréns also devised restoration documents for the building's stone facades.


The extreme cultural significance of the building and the complexity of the upgrades meant that each decision had to be carefully considered. Preservation issues, the need for due care and caution as well as high-quality architectural design, at the same time as ensuring full building functionality, were always to the forefront.

Client: Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor AB/The National Property Board of Sweden