Uppsala City Theatre

Uppsala City Theatre decided on a renovation of their public areas, the Small Foyer and the Bistro. Tyréns has worked on the lighting in collaboration with the interior designer, Studio Feuer.

One theme running throughout is the use of recycled light fittings and accessories from the theatre's inexhaustible props store. For example, the original glass lightshades from the salon have been converted into hanging fittings above tables and theatre spotlights of an older design have been turned into floor standing light fittings in the Small Foyer.

In the Bistro's window niches, daylight fittings made from recycled iris diaphragms have been fitted to give a decorative and playful feature. The movable light fittings have been converted by the theatre itself.

Uppsala Stadsteater
Uppsala Stadsteater

Fresnel lenses, which soften the light and create a reflection on the ceiling, have been installed on the new ceiling system, which contains several different light characteristics.


“We have reused light fittings from the theatre's inexhaustible props store.”

Uppsala Stadsteater

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Jansin & Hammarling

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Tekla Evelina Severin