Sustainability analysis for Täby Park

A whole new urban area is going to emerge on the racecourse in central Täby, including homes, workplaces, services, sports facilities and a town park. Tyréns has undertaken a sustainability analysis of the structural plans for the area.

Tyréns' commission was to evaluate the structural plans that have been developed for the area, with the aim of establishing the most strategic possibilities and challenges for the area.
The evaluation was performed as a sustainability analysis, in which the structural plan was analysed against a background of different social, economic and ecological sustainability criteria. Tyréns used workshops to identify the project's opportunities and challenges prior to the start of work on the programme.

The overarching conclusion of the sustainability analysis was that many of the issues central to sustainable urban development are present and are described in brief in the structural plan. However, Tyréns made a number of suggestions for further work and emphasised the suggestions that need to be prioritised if the client is to be able to aim for the goal of a sustainable urban area.

In this case, the client needed a well-grounded, well-documented and well-structured foundation that would allow access to information searches during later stages of the project. In order to achieve this, Tyréns developed new working methods, analysis tools and report formats, and worked in a project team alongside consultants from many different departments and areas of expertise.

The sustainability analysis created a platform for further discussions in the project group on how the question of sustainability can be addressed at different stages of the project. The analysis also increased the knowledge of how different measures affect one another, such as the effects of improved ecological sustainability on economic sustainability.

Client: Galoppfältet Exploatering AB