The Stockholm Metro Blue Line – line extension from Akalla to Barkarby

On the former Stockholm Barkarby airport, an entirely new city district is now emerging, offering housing developments as well as new workplaces. Barkarby is becoming an attractive and accessible public transport hub. Acting on behalf of Region Stockholm's Extended Metro Administration, Tyréns is creating conditions for an accessible metro that will provide a safe and secure environment at all times of the day and night.

As Stockholm grows, so does the need for more housing and an efficient public transport system. Region Stockholm is in charge of extending Stockholm's metro system. Tyréns is involved in the extension of the Metro's Blue Line from Akalla station to the new Barkarby station via Barkarbystaden.

Large, complex project

The Stockholm Metro has not been extended for over 30 years, making this a large, complex project which is being conducted in a relatively short timeframe. Extending the Metro requires a number of official documents and permits. Together with Ramboll and White, Tyréns has formed a consultancy group for implementation of the assignment, covering the stages involved in design development documentation, the railway plan, detailed development plans, permit application documentation, requests for proposals, construction documents and support during the construction period.

"As Stockholm grows, so does the need for an efficient public transport system."

The works

The planned works comprise a rail tunnel, 4.1 kilometres long, constructed by cutting through rock from the existing Akalla station via a new station, Barkarbystaden, to Barkarby station. Above ground, in addition to the two new station entrances, the project consists of exhaust air towers, supply air towers and smoke shafts. These are intended to address the need for supply air, exhaust air, pressure equalisation and smoke ventilation.

Illustration: Region Stockholm/White Arkitekter.

The illustrations show preliminary designs for the Barkarbystaden platform; the designs will be subject to slight alterations. Artist Helena Byström is working on video art for Barkarbystaden station, inspired by the themes of flight, air and clouds.

Client: Region Stockholm's Extended Metro Administration