The Articulated Funiculator – a completely new type of lift

An innovative solution with multiple lifts in a loop instead of one per shaft. The Articulated Funiculator is a completely new type of lift. Actually, we don't call it a lift, rather we see it as a vertical transport system with greater scope of application than the conveyances we currently think of as "lifts".

Passenger lifts have been working in the same way for no less than 150 years. Now it is time for new technology to take their place. The Articulated Funiculator is a solution that may be compared to a train that moves at a uniform speed and stops at a selected floor of a building. Instead of one shaft and one balance for each lift, multiple lifts run in a loop through a circular shaft. This means that the lift system only needs two vertical shafts, which can be used as structural elements in the building's corner. The lift cars counterbalance each other as on a mountain railway.

Saves on space, energy and costs
When the conveyance system runs in a loop instead of individual shafts, the solution takes up significantly less space than a conventional lift. This means fewer building materials are needed and the system draws less current. Furthermore, maintenance is easier, because the cars can be uncoupled so that they do not have to be repaired inside the shaft.

The lift solution is currently at the prototype stage and has met with a great deal of interest from the industry. The next stage will be to build a full-scale Articulated Funiculator.