A platform for visualisation. TyrEngine is a unique platform for visualising sustainable spatial planning. By combining advanced graphics techniques from the world of gaming, a 3D environment is produced that demonstrates the results and impacts of projects in spatial planning, property and industrial developments.

The technique may be compared to an advanced computer game where the user can navigate a building complex using a gamepad, for instance. By linking analysis results with the 3D environment, users can see for themselves where potential opportunities and risks are to be found.

Visualisation helps us to understand
Presentations and visualisations are valuable both as interpretative tools within a project and in communicating with parties outside the project.

In TyrEngine, landscape images can be combined with geotechnical information and presented as a photorealistic 3D world. With the aid of a virtual reality helmet, the user can move freely around the 3D world and see what it looks like both above and below ground.

A technician can show and explain the setting to an economist in a way that both can easily follow. Those living in the area in question can also take a look at the 3D world to see what it will look like from where they live, and a specialist from the Swedish Transport Administration can take a tour and make sure everything looks as it should. It opens the way to better communication and consultation with other stakeholders to ensure more efficient and sustainable spatial planning and development.