Urban Trends & Innovations

An international study on how to plan, lead and implement innovative solutions for a more sustainable future society.

Based on 100 cases at the forefront of innovation from different parts of the world, about 30 have been selected for deeper analysis and interviews with relevant people. Although the projects differ considerably, they are all innovative, sustainability projects from which a great deal can be learned. Some of the cases covered by the study:

  • Connected infrastructure for the smart and sustainable management of essential social services, such as clean drinking water
  • Transport solutions and energy supply
  • Testing autonomous vehicles
  • The first sale of real estate with blockchain technology
  • How a project with robots at a food distribution warehouse is revolutionising the food industry
  • Smart cities and neighbourhoods
  • New technology that makes it possible to predict who will become ill and to take preventive steps

The selection of cases is based partly on the future study, where a number of significant technological and societal trends have been identified. Projects that in different ways affect one or more of the trends are considered innovative and may be included in the study. The selection is also based on the UN's sustainability goals according to Agenda 2030 – all cases are projects that contribute to the fulfilment of one or more goals.

Short stories and success factors
Behind each case is an exciting and inspiring story about ups and downs, about movers and delayers, about vision and reality. These short stories contain insights and lessons learned from projects that may inspire other projects. One central issue in this study is whether these very different projects have any common factors that led to their success?

The findings reveal that several common elements stand out as contributing to the success of innovations for sustainable community development. These can be summed up as eight factors that show how to develop an innovative organisation, innovative leadership, an approach to the prototype society and establish a vision that inspires working cooperatively in modern forms of networking in pursuit of shared outcomes.

Last but not least, Urban Trends & Innovations has generated knowledge on how to work with innovative community projects, for instance, the different phases of the process, which activities are necessary and which tools are needed at different stages. This working methodology can now be applied to other innovative projects.

About the result
The result of the study is available at: https://urbantrends.tyrens.com

The content of the site is in English since the study is international.

We started this project because we want to contribute to a better society. We believe that collaborative relationships and transparency are critical to the successful achievement of this aim. Our ambition is therefore to share our lessons openly in order to contribute to the development of new solutions to societal challenges and that we can all contribute to sustainable development.

The working method for innovative projects generated from the results will hopefully be of great benefit in other innovative social projects in the early stages.

Urban Trends & Innovations is a research and development project, funded by the Sven Tyrén Trust.