On behalf of Umeå Municipality, Tyréns has designed a meeting place where the requirements for its visual design were formulated in a dialogue with the target group, young girls.

Their ideas about visiting and taking their place in public areas formed the starting point for the layout. In the project, terms concerning security, identity and gender equality have been translated into a visually designed site in a park in central Umeå. Tyréns provided landscape architects, construction and lighting design. The landscape architects, Carl Arnö and Annica Forsberg, led the process together with the artist, Kerstin Bergendal.

The aim of the project was not just to create a place based on the target group's ideas and needs, but also a place where everyone could feel welcome. The dialogue process with the girls has played a crucial role for the work on the visual design and the project was adjusted several times to satisfy new opinions and wishes, a process that has been very important.

Before Tyréns received the assignment, Umeå Municipality held a dialogue with a group of young girls, resulting in a value words describing what a good place is. This was one of the starting points for the project. The project group at Tyréns then ran a workshop, which was conducted at the site that had already been chosen for the project. Here, the participants had the chance to define the qualities that a good meeting place should have, and to explain their choices by drawing the additions they wanted onsite, in the snow covering the ground, to 1:1 scale.

“The roof and the suspended seating are illuminated to create an inviting and secure atmosphere, even in the evenings.”

The project has been realised in a central park in Umeå, which is popular with many youngsters. The place is designed with an oval roof, which embraces an existing lime tree, The roof is perforated and the round holes are covered by glass in different colours. Under the roof, there are large, hanging, round seats, providing room for many to sit at the same time.

Both the roof and the hanging seating are illuminated to create an inviting and secure atmosphere, even in the evenings and in the winter. Apart from creating a place that feels secure and inviting, there was also a wish from the group that it should be possible to connect a mobile phone to play music; this has now become reality.