Lighting design

Light is a fundamental condition for our perception of the surrounding environment. It contributes to both well-being and a sense of security as well as increased usability while awaking interest and wonder. Creating good and sustainable lighting for people and the environment requires consideration to be given to a number of different factors, for example social, spatial and identity-creating aspects. We need to analyse the lighting in its context in order to be able to create comprehensive solutions and, from an early stage, to work with clients and other competencies to guarantee the quality and vision in a project. We believe that a good work process between different disciplines and actors is the key for a successful project.

Exterior lighting design

The spirit of a place is mirrored in so many aspects of the built environment, but one vital aspect is the light. Light can awake curiosity and a sense of security.

Daylight services

In order to be able to provide solutions that best utilise the fantastic daylight, a light that is naturally variable and qualitative and wi...

Interior lighting design

The light and lighting play a crucial role in creating attractive interior environments, where people are happy to visit. Here, we want to c...