Lighting design

Daylight services

In order to be able to provide solutions that best utilise the fantastic daylight, a light that is naturally variable and qualitative and with great benefits for the environment, people and the wallet, we work with analyses, calculations and the visual disposition of daylight.

We offer services in the early stages of a project, to optimise the results, both during completion and to verify Green Building requirements.

When working with daylight, we seek for a holistic approach to the interaction between daylight and the other illumination to attain sustainable solutions, both economically as well as socially and ecologically. We have a close dialogue with clients and other stakeholders to attain a high quality result.

“Daylight is beautiful and naturally variable.”

We offer services regarding daylight in all phases of a project, from analysis and calculations to visual design and managing daylight.

Examples of daylight services:

  • Daylight optimisation
  • Daylight management
  • Environmental certifications; BREEAM, LEAD, Green Building