Lighting design

Exterior lighting design

The spirit of a place is mirrored in so many aspects of the built environment, but one vital aspect is the light. Light can awake curiosity and a sense of security. Light can encourage social meetings in the urban space by creating small, intimate rooms. Light can promote accessibility and be welcoming.

As lighting designers at Tyréns, we work to improve visual experiences, to reinforce the architectural values and to create identity for locations.

Creating good lighting for people and the environment requires consideration to be given to a number of different factors, such as social, spatial and identity-creating aspects as well as sustainability aspects. 

We are improving visual experiences, reinforcing architectural values and giving places an identity.

We want to work with clients and other competencies from an early stage to guarantee the quality and vision in a project. We are convinced that a good design process between different disciplines is the key for a successful project."

Examples of the types of environment with which we work:

  • Public spaces
  • Infrastructure
  • Façade lighting
  • Development
  • Cultural environment