Lighting design

Interior lighting design

The light and lighting play a crucial role in creating attractive interior environments, where people are happy to visit. Here, we want to contribute with our expertise on various aspects of the lighting's influence on both people and the environment.

A room is not a room without light. Many people tend to forget how important light and lighting are. It can be easy to take light for granted, which is why it is also easy to forget its importance. Light can give life to the architecture, the room, the details and the whole. It can radically change the character and perception of the space in a room.

“Light gives life to the room, both the details and the whole.”

When working on the interior lighting design, we seek for a holistic approach to the lighting and its influence on the environment to attain sustainable solutions, both economically as well as socially and ecologically. We create a close cooperation with building architects, antiquarians and electrical consultants to obtain high quality results. We offer services for interior lighting design in all phases of a project, from concept to planning and completion.

Examples of the types of buildings with which we work:

  • Public buildings
  • Cultural-historic buildings
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Theatres
  • Retail